Нейко Иванов

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 The Consultancy Bank is aimed at providing support for Bulgarian and Romanian NGOs and their networks in the fields of:

- Participation in the European Civil Society processes;

- Improvement of institutional capacity of soacial NGOs and their networks;

- Design of new service provision methods for vulnerable groups (in the context of network co-operation);

- Enabling direct contact between experts and organisations.

Personal Data
Family Name:  Иванов
First Name:  Нейко
Your E-mail:  k6@samaritans.bg
Nationality:  Bulgaria
Expertise:  Social Policy and Social Work
Short Summary of the Expert:  Пряка мобилна социална работа на терен - с деца на улицата, деца - отпаднали от училище, проституиращи. Провеждане на обучения. Управление, мониториране, супервизиране на екипи предоставящи социални услуги на терен.
Country:  България
City:  Стара Загора
Address:  гр. Стара Загора, бул. "П. Евтимий" 57
Telephone:  042 621 083
Fax:  042 621 083
Website:  www.samaritans.bg
Detailed Description
Date from:  01 09 1991
Date to:  01 06 1996
Education Info:  Пловдивски университет
Language Skills
Language:  Russian
Reading:  2
Speaking:  3
Writing:  2
Language:  English
Reading:  1
Speaking:  2
Writing:  1
Date from:  01 06 2002
Date to:  01 04 2007
Membership Info:  Сдружение
Date from:  01 01 2004
Date to:  01 04 2007
Membership Info:  Обществен дарителки фонд
Skill or Product:  Управление на МПС - Категория В
Level:  2
Skill or Product:  Пчелар - проверител
Level:  4
Professional Experience
Date from:  09 1997
Date to:  12 1998
Organization:  ОУ
Date from:  09 1999
Date to:  04 2007
Organization:  Сдружение
Present Psotion Info
Present Position:  Мениджър мобилна социална работа
Years Within the Firm:  8
Specific Experience
Date from:  09 2002
Date to:  09 2002
Country:  Румъния
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