Training opportunities for representatives of minorities and vulnerable groups

Training opportunities for representatives of minorities and vulnerable groups

Technical assistance to the Institute for Public Administration and European Integration (IPAEI) in designing training programmes and training representatives of minority and vulnerable groups

The Concept

The project operates under the framework of the State Administration active information policy on the state administration mission and functions and implements transparency procedures for competitions and appointments in the civil service. The Law requires mandatory competition for recruitment of all civil servants.  Candidates eligible to apply for civil servant positions need to hold a university degree. The Institute of Public Administration and European Integration (IPAEI) ensures the initial and further improvement of civil servants knowledge and skills for the purpose of developing the capacity of the public service in Bulgaria.


The Project

The current project supports the integration of ethnic and cultural minority and vulnerable groups in the society by creating equal opportunities for their participation in the state administration at all levels.

The project is implemented by Sici-Dominus (Spain) with the financial support of the European Union and consists of four major components:

§         Analysis of  the legislation and existing practices in Bulgaria and preparation of proposals for changes as appropriate

§         Presentation of the existing practices of EU members states and develop mechanisms for the implementation of good practices

§         Development of training programmes for the needs of minority and vulnerable groups

§         Implementation of pilot training programmes and delivery of training


Training opportunities

The Project develops training programmes, which will prepare representatives of minority and vulnerable groups to participate in competitions for jobs in the state administration.  During the period of September to October 2007, 6 pilot training sessions, each 8 days long will be held using specialised and adapted training materials specifically designed to the needs of the target group..

Sessions will help participants to strengthen their motivation, complete their knowledge and develop their skills to answer to the most common requirements of the competition for civil servant positions.

Course 1.  Develop the knowledge on European Union Institutions - 1,5 day

Course 2. Understand the state administration structure mission and Modus Operandis. Modernization and reform of the state administration, principle of work, budget procedures, etc. - 2,5 days

Course 3. Motivation. Requirements of the civil service: the Job description, positions and career opportunities, where to find a position, how to apply? The Register of Administrative Structures - 2 days

Course 4. Practical case studies and simulation of competitions – Tests, Concept Notes, Technical Notes, Interview simulations, presentation of the experience of successful candidates from the target groups - 2 days


Trainings will be held in 6 different locations around the country;


The materials and the environment will be adapted as much as possible to accommodate the specific needs of the participants. 


Travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses will be covered by the project for the approved applicants.


Target groups & Eligibility

Participants in the training will be persons holding a university degree who wish to apply for civil service positions in the administration, and belong to at least one of the target groups of the project, namely:

Ethnic and cultural Minorities;

People with disabilities;

Unemployed persons from the vulnerable categories on the labour market such as:

§         unemployed youths

§         unemployed youths with durably reduced ability to work

§         unemployed youths from social establishments, finished their education

§         persons unemployed for long time

§         unemployed persons with durably reduced ability to work

§         unemployed persons - sole parents (adopters) and/or sole mothers (adopters) with children up to 3 years of age

§         unemployed women over 50 years of age and unemployed men over 55 years of age


Interested and eligible applicants should send their application by e-mail, postal mail or fax to:

SICI Dominus

Denitza Str. 3, Lozenets

Sofia 1421, Bulgaria

Tel: 92 9632493, 92 9632495

Fax: 92 8660660



Application form and additional information will be soon found on http://www.IpaeiPhareTraining.Bg



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